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How to dramatically improve your camera (picture and video) quality


Jul 8, 2010
For those who don't know yet..

The desire's backcover has a camera lens protector made by very cheap plastic, that scratches very easily. When this happens, the pictures will have a "glowing", blurry, unsharp look.

What I did was removing the piece of transparent plastic "lens protector" on the backcover and then used a small piece of screen protector and sticked it on the lenses. Even without it the chances you actually scratch the lens is virtually none. So now I have a hole in my back cover, but I dramatically improved my picture and video quality.

Don't worry about the looks, there is still a black ring and I think it looks better now. I hate shiny plastics.

Here a pic.

And a video.
YouTube - ‪HTC Desire cover on/off camera comparison‬‎
for those of us who don't have the surgical skills for this :eek:

The lens protector is held by a double side contact tape, just punch it with a pen from the inside out.

I shattered mine by doing that but what the heck, i dont need it anyways. ;)

Plus you can stick a small piece of screen protector to prevent scratching the camera lens, and foam around the hole to block the dust.

What cover do you have on your phone?

$5 ebay case, more pictures here

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Hm I'll try this later. Another 'issue' may be the compression rate the desire does when it actually saves the file. For pictures it's not bad but video quality seems to be compressed quite a bit.

What does that matter? We're talking about how much better the quality is with the piece of plastic gone :thinking: !!!!!

I'll be punching out that plastic as soon as my Desire arrives!! :)
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