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Root How to unroot and uninstall rom??


May 14, 2011
Ok, so..

I used z4root to root my dx, i installed dx bootstrapper and rom manager, then installed one of the black bar roms from rom manager itself. Everything has worked fine, but.. being a newbie i forgot to do a nandroid backup before i loaded the rom. Now i can't flash a new rom or my phone pretends to bootloop, and i must go back to one of the nandroids i have made since the black bar installation. .. but anyway, In anticipation of the gingerbread update, which i intend to do OTA, what do i need to do? Do i need to uninstall that one rom (i dont know how to do that if i do need to), or do i need to just use z4 to unroot and will that take away the rom? or can i just do a factory reset and it will all return to stock?

So i guess the question is, do i need to return to stock (and how?) or can i just grab the ota and i will unroot (fine by me) and have stock gingerbread?

HELP! haha


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