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on Yahoo IM; how do i sign out of one sn and into another?

i have set up my personal sn on my yahoo im...but sometimes i need to sign into my work sn.

how can i change it? TIA

What does "sn" stand for? :)

Anyway , Have you tried the app ebuddy? You can sign into a number of different IM's for different providers all at once if you wish so you can have both your personal and work IM up at the same time if you wish

Theirs other IM apps to such as Nimbuzz which you may try but I beleive ebuddy supports multiple accounts of the same provider. For example , 2 yahoo IM's at the same time.

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thanks for the information!!! "sn" is screenname :) i'll try the apps you suggested!!! thanks so much again :D

sn = Screen name
lol :D

I hope this works for you :)
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