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Probably going to sell mine.


Android Expert
Jan 17, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
So I've had my Galaxy Nexus for a few weeks now, it's an awesome device. (And I really have no problems/faults with it.) But for some reason the white Galaxy Note keeps tempting me with it's big beautiful display. I've always wanted a device that's a combination of a tablet and a phone, and the specs are just amazing. One of my friends offered me $650 for my Gnex, so it will only cost me about $100 more for the Note.

My only problem is I'll have to switch back to AT&T if I go with the Note, which will save me $10 a month. Although, I have had quite a few problems with them in the past.

I was wondering if anyone else here is tempted to do the same? Or has tried out both devices for themselves? Any feedback would be great. I thought I would only want a Nexus device from now on, but my mind is changing.
Sounds like a good plan, but for me, AT&T would be a deal breaker. In my area , AT&T's coverage is not the best, and their 4g is laughable, compared to Verizon (2 December outages excepted). If AT&T coverage is good in your neck of the woods, go for it.

AT&Ts coverage is great here, definitely better than Tmobile who I currently have. So I'm not all that worried about that. I don't travel very often, and every where I go is covered around here.

That's a good comparison video, I watched another one just a few minutes ago. Both devices are pretty equal when it comes down to things. I'm really interested to see how the Note will compare when it gets ICS.
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one thing to remember,, is the nexus will always be a few steps ahead in the software end of it,,,, when note gets .. 4.whatever,,, nexus will be on 4.whatever plus

Trust me I know, I've had my Nexus S since December of 2010. Although, what I have found is, I always end up rooting my devices, so I'm never all that far behind. :) So I'm definitely not worried about that.
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