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Help SIM card not detected

hi guys,

i've got the same problem. i tried flashing Omega ROM on my SGS2 I1900G version DZKL3 but found out that it only works for the non-G version.
So, i restored using CWM but now, my SIM cannot be recognized and it says baseband unknown. My IMEI also lost!

Anyone got this problem before?
A few xda threads mention that i need to rename some corrupted files using adb shell. Not familiar with that method and I'm not sure if it will really work. DOnt want to further screw up the phone.

Any help will be appreciated.
Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.

There is an app which can recover the imei on a gs2 however I'm not sure if it will work on the G.

Maybe worth a shot if all else fails

There is a guide on how to recovery manually here

[GUIDE] Recover your IMEI in 9 steps. - xda-developers

If those don't work I think you will have to send it to Samsung to be repaired.
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