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The8Pen keyboard?

I'm learning to use swype, but still have issues in portrait mode

I've been using Swype too (the Galaxy S version from xda) but I feel like it messes up words that it shouldn't. Little bugs over time get on my nerves and the fact that it isn't supported directly for the DI is annoying too...

Side note: 2 small things that get on my nerves heavily with Swype...
- Even with the frequency of the "window" turned all the way up, it doesn't pick up the difference between "or" and "out" and "it" and many other close words
- every time one of my "custom" words is at the top of the choice window, but I don't select it....I get that damn notification letting me know I can delete that custom word. I HATE it telling me every time
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i'm curious about this. the process is definitely good for eliminating typos, but it seems slow and requires your finger travel a lot more distance than say, swype, for churning out words. i'll definitely try it though.

Anybody whose interested in this should check out SlideType. Personally, not my cup of tea. But it was ok when I used if a week and a half on my former Behold 2 (got really sick of typos, and couldn't get swype).
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That's what she said.

Haha I just wet myself!

I think this looks interesting though. I like the article written about it on Phandroid. We have become so path dependent on the QWERTY that it is going to be hard to break us away from it. However, I am always up for trying something new so I'll check it out tomorrow. I bet once you get used to it it will be efficient.
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Concept is good. Execution offsets the concept. What it looks like they want to do is invent a new way to type on a phone, so people can type on a phone like they do on a keyboard, by memory. The way a phone's keyboard is layed out, you're bound to have many many typos because of how small the letters are. They're onto something. It's just not executed in the best way possible.
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Well at least 8pen is not doing an open beta, then stopping that......then porting their program to specific devices and preventing posting of .apk files.

I will certainly give this a try since they seem to be releasing to the masses today. Qwerty has been around so long, that reinventing typing will take time. Glad to see ideas out there.

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