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Root to flas or not flashnew rom

thanks guys gps is not a big deal for me and the speed of thephone seen ok for me some times the black screen of lag but nothing to big.
i have seen many post where people post that is almost a new phone if you flash
but others say is only better speed and gps.

thanks for all the help
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If you're not wanting for anything I suggest staying put.

I agree with Jack45. If your phone does what you want it to and everything works the way you expect it to then I would stay with stock. Gps bothered me a lot so I flashed, I am on Serendipity 5.2 and I love it. IMO, if you do decide to flash, go with either Serendipity or Cognition.

im one of those douche bags that really didnt need my phone to do anything else, and thought it ran great. but then i heard it could be FASTER and do MORE. and i just couldnt resist. im never satisfied if i know something can be better, even if i dont need it to be

rooted and flashed serendipity 5.5 this morning and im loving it.

besides not really liking the coloring and design of the status bar icons, i really love it. it runs buttery smooth compared to eclair
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