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huawei vitria

  1. U

    Root Can't link my phone to my Huawei ID account (trying to get unlock code)

    I've contacted Huawei in regards to obtaining the code to unlock my bootloader. I sent an email requesting the code: Please provide me with the bootloader unlock code for my Huawei Vitria. Model Number - Huawei Y301A2 Imei - (provided) S/N - (provided) Product ID - (provided) Thank you, and...
  2. rover7577

    Can't see all of Notes previously entered viewing Contacts entry

    When you create a contact listing, you can add Notes to the entry. I have added some notes to an entry. When I pull up the contact entry now, the display shows a heading of NOTES, but, I only see the first line of the Notes. How do I view the other data that I have added to the Notes for this...
  3. R

    Root Working Kitkat thread started in August 2014

    I was hoping NEW activity could be placed in this thread, as far as I know there is NO working kitkat on vitria with working wifi. My vitria is bootloader unlocked and rooted, and was hoping someone has Lastest info on getting kitkat on our vitria's. I researched and found nothing. Post...
  4. KainXS

    Root [RECOVERY]TWRP v2.7.1.0

    This was requested by someone at XDA so I am posting it here also(was actually done with it a while back though-_-) TWRP Download Dev-Host - recovery.img - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service Bugs -tell me? Notes: -If using advanced wipe features(not...
  5. S

    Root request Overclocked Kernal

    request Overclocked Kernal please thanks :smokingsomb:
  6. B

    Help Update Problem

    Hello, All.... Have 2 Vitrias that are working well. However, about 2-3 times week the notification screen shows a download to update what appears to be the build number. The existing number ends with 132 and the update want to go to 137. I click OK and the program reboots the phone...downloads...
  7. CoryMac247

    Root different boot animations?

    Just curious if anyone has attempted to change the boot animation? Possibly using ROM Toolbox or any similar app. I'd love to try it, just don't want to brick my phone- again lol
  8. CoryMac247

    Root Any ROMs ????

    Are there any custom Rom's in the works? Finally unlocked my bootloader and installed CWM. I've always been flash happy and would love to see 4.4
  9. L

    Help Soft Bricked.

    Hi, My problem is that my Huawei Y301-A2, shows the logo and it says Boot image may have incorrect signature and then it boots into the stock recovery and after a while, it reboots itself and it shows the logo again and then back to the recovery and so on. I tried the update.app method and that...
  10. B

    Root Vitria Unroot

    Hi, All.... I have 2 of the Vitrias about 6 mos old and rooted them, no idea why, except that I could. Didn't add or change any thing. I see the build ends with 132 and a few times a week the notification says that 137 is available for download and update. I quickly download the file and begin...
  11. D

    Help Retrieving deleted voicemail message

    How to retrieve a deleted voicemail message on my Huawei Vitria?
  12. KainXS

    Root OTA Update

    did anyone else see the ota update to B137?
  13. S

    Root can you tether on 60$ unlimited plan

    Is it possible to tether on the metropcs 60$ unlimited plan huawei vitria rooted.
  14. P

    Root Encryption option missing

    Android AOSP has had an option for full disk encryption by going to settings->security, ever since Gingerbread. This option is missing on the Vitria. Anybody know how to "enable" it or what the alternatives are? Thank you.
  15. J

    Help Can't Change Contact Ringtones

    Hello Everyone! I'm unable to assign certain ringtones to certain contacts. I can get the menu to pull up to do it, but when I try to change it, nothing happens. No drop-down menu, no anything. Just stays at default. I'm on 4.1.2 if that matters. Am I missing something or is there a...
  16. N

    Help phones locked cant get it opened

    A friend of mine had her kids playing with her phone but the phone was locked and they tried to many times to unlock it now it says too many attempts ! She tried all the passwords she could remember but no luck, tried changing thru google accounts and it says it was done with a confirmation but...
  17. Y

    Root Huawei Vitria stuck at factory screen

    ok so I bricked my phone when I unlocked it using unlock app. I managed to get it flashed using Huawei upgrade tool but it boots into the dead android screen and all it says is factory. that's it no recovery screen no metropcs logo, just "factory". Anybody know what's going on?
  18. S

    Root dead bricked after trying to install cwm from a app

    so i wanted to install cwm and i downloaded a app from google play store. when i opened it it gave me the option to back up my recovery i had istalled previously. i backed it up then tryed to install cwm. when i clicked reboot my screen wouldnt turn on. i pulled the battery and it didnt turn on...
  19. S

    Root Bricked after installing cf3d

    So i just got my vitria and rooted it. after rooting i installed chainfire3d drivers and after that my phone was bricked. i can enter stock recovery and usb update mode. usb debugging is disabled so i cant use adb (only sideload). someone please help i dont want it to be a waist of money. :(
  20. KainXS

    Root [ROM][OFFICIAL][B132] Stock

  21. P

    Root OTA upgrades or anything else to disable if rooted?

    Might be a newbie question, but does anyone know if there are huawei specific processes that run that for instance, look for updates and apply them? I don't want an OTA for instance to meddle with my root access or anything else, and I'd rather not have any such thing running anyway. Thanks...
  22. CoryMac247

    Root Do NOT use Huawei bootloader from play store

    Will brick your phone. I asked dev to add support for our device and he assured me selecting y300 would work. It did not. Spent an hour at metro getting a new phone.
  23. CoryMac247

    Root need help using adb

    Trying to unlock my bootloader. I've got ADB installed and running. But every time I type any command it gets stuck on < waiting on device> . I'm guessing its a driver issue ? I've installed every driver I could find but that didn't help. USB debugging is enabled, fast boot is off, and I booted...
  24. KainXS

    Root deodex huawei apk's?

    has anyone figured out how to do this, it looks like huawei did something with the public.xml and recompiling the apk = nonworking apk or fail.:(
  25. CoryMac247

    Root Beats Audio ???

    Has anyone been brave enough to try flashing Beats through custom recovery or the installer app yet? The phone sounds decent out of the box, I'm just curious if it can be made to sound even better.