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motorola droid mini

  1. Choobie


    Iv'e tried so many methods and none of them worked, please help, device info Droid mini 4.4.4 Also some help on bootloading unlocks and ect.
  2. thetrickster213

    Droid Mini on T-Mobile

    Can, when changed to GSM etc., the DROID mini work on the T-Mobile network, and in some areas with Band 4 coverage, have 4G LTE? I just need to make sure I can make calls and use texting and Internet with it on a tmobile sim
  3. J

    OK Google Now acting funny.

    My OK Google Now app is acting funny. I liked the Moto Assist app that would read text messages, make calls and such. Lately it's been slow and I get different messages to respond to. I am guessing it's the Google Now App trying to take over for Moto Assist. When I get asked to respond, I...
  4. Android News

    Verizon's DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini will not be updated to Lollipop

    Users of Verizon's DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini have been clamoring for an update to Android 5.x Lollipop and today's news is sure to make them sad. David Schuster has confirmed that these three devices will not be getting updated to Lollipop. To make up for this, Motorola is letting...
  5. J

    Home screen auto rotate not working

    I just noticed that my home screen no longer auto rotates. Not sure when it changed. I didn't realize until I bought a vent mount holder for my car. Placed my droid mini in the holder in landscape orientation and that's when I noticed the icons were not rotating anymore. Is there a fix for this?
  6. rootkings

    Root Best method to root droid mini

    I seen this on YouTube it works thanks to junky who make this video possible and nice guide to root https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=KyDnN3_hAmA
  7. rootkings

    Root How to I root with this update

    I brought this phone yesterday and is hard to root
  8. O

    Help Odd digitizer problem

    Ok, so son drops phone and cracks the screen. Still works fine. Drops again and screen goes blank and cracks worse. The indicator led still flashes, but nothing on the screen. So I replace the digitizer with a new one. Fire it up and it works great! That was last night. This evening when he gets...
  9. J

    Help Assist App causes phone to ring in a strange ringtone.

    OK. I dropped my phone last Sunday at church. It was in my leather pouch and not a far fall. Nothing broke but now when I am driving or in a meeting and the phone rings, the ringtone is all garbled and won't stop until I actually hit the home button to cancel out of it. It rings as normal when...
  10. Skynet11

    Official Motorola Droid Mini User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Motorola Droid Mini User Manual - The official Motorola Droid Mini User Guide Read more about this resource...
  11. J

    What is the difference between the preinstalled "OK Google Now" and "OK Google" from the play store?

    My droid mini came with "OK Google Now" preinstalled. What is the difference between that and the "OK Google" app in the play store?
  12. C

    Help Hapatic Feedback Loss

    After awhile I lose my hapatic feedback in both my keyboard and home buttons, sometimes it will come back but I would like it to stay permanently and I haven't changed any settings or anything related to hapatic feedback, it just started stopping suddenly about a week ago in the middle of typing...
  13. C

    Help Random Beeping

    My phone beeps at various times during phone calls and I've noticed it will do it even when nothing is happening in the background. I've read other forums about minute minder but nothing about it for a Droid Mini and I have unlimited minutes so it's not a problem about going over minutes, just...
  14. J

    Help how to auto cc on emails

    can't find anywhere on how i can automatically cc myself on all emails, I used to be able to do this on my old incredible 2. would need detailed instructions on how to find. thanks ! June
  15. A

    Help HELP!!! delete from downloads

    My roommate downloaded an app and a bunch of music, but when she deleted the app and the music, it's still showing up, but not able to be played. It ate up her memory and now she can't get the files to go away! Can anyone help?
  16. T

    recovery of deleted text messages

    Please assist me, I have searched, downloaded and attempted to use several recommended recovery tool to retrieve a deleted text message from my Droid Mini. I have used Dr. Fone - doesn't support the Droid Mini so it kept restarting my phone and failed at any attempt android-recovery - Droid...
  17. niffcreature

    Help can't control vibration!! also, random crashes

    so i have vibrations turned off for gmail and facebook, and yet they are both still vibrating!! is there an app that can control vibration? also sometimes apps just close right in the middle of typing. might have something to do with my keyboard app? i use touchpal. any help is appreciated.
  18. Z

    Help Shake to wake?

    I recently got this phone and its very nice but there is one simple thing i hate about it if your phone is off and you shake it it will turn on and give you an option to unlock it. I just want to know how to turn this off.
  19. niffcreature

    how to tell if a screen is OEM?

    i'm replacing the screen on a droid mini. i don't THINK it's an AMOLED screen, although it looks pretty nice. still they are VERY cheap, starting at about 25$. i'm noticing some inconsistencies in the less expensive and more expensive versions. my question is, should i be worried about getting...
  20. M

    Help Texting fails on Motorola Mini

    [COLOR=black][FONT="Verdana"]My fianc
  21. J

    Bumper case

    Anyone have an issue with the bumper case making the power button unbelievably easy to press?
  22. J

    Help Back button opening last closed app

    When I use the back button to exit an app sometimes the last app I closed will open for a second. For instance if I'm in Facebook and hit the home button. Then go to the messaging app and back out of it Facebook will open for a second then close out.
  23. A

    Help Camera not taking video

    Up until recently I have been able to take videos with the camera app that cane with the phone. Now, for some reason, when I try to take a video, it gives me the error 'not able to capture media'. I have no idea what has changed. Can anyone help??
  24. J

    Help Automatic (Push) ?

    I have a Corporate Exchange email account on my Droid. I have "Mailbox check frequency set to "Automatic (Push). I use Outlook on my pc to access this corporate exchange email account and have it set to use Exchange Cached Mode. The way it works (by design) is that this corporate email will be...
  25. B


    Is there a way to turn off all application notifications at once? Recently got a new phone and when it synced my apps from old mini all of the app notifications (games and whatnot) got turned on. Thx.