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motorola xoom

  1. G

    Latest android version, and checking for updates

    I know this is oooooold now, so not sure if anyone will even read this.... however.... I've just revived my old Xoom which I want to use for testing. It currently has Android 4.0.4 installed. Do you know if there were any further over the air updates, and what the latest version should/could...
  2. B

    Root Stability

    I get the xoom's are long in the tooth (I have two of them). I have run the latest CM and the latest Omnirom and messed with some different kernel's. What I want to do now is use these as secondary streaming devices (to stream to stereo, etc) and let my kids beat them up. Is the most stable...
  3. C

    Help issues re-inserting SIM card

    Hello. I just jumped over from iPad to Android due to having so many issues with IOS. I purchased a Xoom which is great but one slight problem. The SIM card would not come out so had no option but remove rear upper cover. It came off easy to retrieve SIM but upon refitting it would not locate...
  4. stayboogy

    Root Stayboogy's TouchNav Recovery System for the Moto Xoom

    I've totally reworked my TouchNav Recovery System source TouchNav Recovery System for Moto Xoom (Stingray, Wingray, Everest; any android version) Don't be fooled to using a newer recovery as it is NOT REQUIRED as posted at xda Features: On-Screen Touch Navigation No Signature...
  5. stayboogy

    Root Stayboogy Wingray 4.2.2 BigPart

    Moto Xoom Wingray 4.2.2 BigPart Built from CM10.1 source THIS ROM WORKS PERFECTLY - STAYBOOGY WORTHY (no panic reboots and system crashes like other builds) more stable than other teams' builds because I'm not using their malformed kernel source All the features of CM without the...
  6. stayboogy

    Root Stayboogy's Stock JellyBean Rectified for Wingray--Standard and BigPart

    This is my edit of the stock jelly bean rom 4.1.2 (JZO54K) for the Motorola Xoom Wifi (Wingray) Builds for both standard partitions and big part modded devices stayboogy--xoom-stock-jb--rectified--full.zip stayboogy--xoom-stock-jb--rectified--full--bigpart.zip (i realize this is way late...
  7. V

    Root Possible bricked Xoom......

    Hi, I have a Motorola Xoom Wifi tablet My problem is a few years back I bricked the device by flashing a dodgy boot.img to the device. Now the device is stuck in a boot loop on the splash screen saying RSD Mode 3 and I cannot connect it to a computer/computer does not recognize the device is...
  8. V

    Help Data deleted!

    Hi guys Today accidentally i deleted my .android_secure folder through usb connection to computer from the mounted sd card! Now all the pictures from my device are missing including ones in internal memory aswell ..... plz help guys! These were the collection on my 3 yrs..... help wud be...
  9. S

    Root Rooting problems

    Ok so i went on with a how to rookie root my xoom 4.1.2 and i did all what it say and I have superuser on my xoom now but I don't understand, it's saying I don't have root access though? Any ideas? I tried the terminal emulator to see if it was rooted and it said permission denied and then I...
  10. S

    Root Im rooted yay!!

    Ok well since now that I'm rooted what do i do now? What happens I want to know it all please lol what can I do? What do I download or whatever?
  11. S

    Root Hello new for the xoom fourm

    Hello I've had the xoom tablet for a bit now from when it first came off. It has the 4.1.2 on it and I got bored and put it down and just today I picked it back up since it was just collecting dust. So I was wondering how to root this tablet? I never rooted any thing. Please and thank you
  12. G

    Root Xoom-Universal-Root

    Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, but I'm feeling frazzled after spending literally hours and getting hardly anywhere trying to root my Xoom, and didn't have time left for more than a brief search here. I've managed to unlock the bootloader and install Clockwork recovery (but found, to my...
  13. A

    Accessories ZooGue Xoom Cases now on sale for just $5 was $40

    I got this case awhile back because of the thread I saw on this forum http://androidforums.com/xoom-accessories/295423-zoogue-case.html Normally this case is $49 or $39 but i just recently received an email of a blowout sale for these cases at just $5 a pop which is an awesome deal. Also...
  14. D

    Help Half of my screen doesn't work

    Hi techie friends! Have an issue. The right half of my screen isn't working. There was a sweet spot that I could press lightly (bottom of the screen, about 1/3 of the way to the right of the leftmost edge) but that sweet spot doesn't work anymore. So now i've just got 1/2 the screen. The...
  15. D

    Help Mediaserver draining the Xoom battery

    Recently I noticed my battery is draining very quickly and I haven't been using my Xoom any differently to normal, nor have I installed any new apps, so I checked the battery information and Mediaserver is top of the list with a high percentage. I have never had this issue before and my version...
  16. C

    Root Rooted user in need of assistance

    Please i need help. I have a xoom 3G verizon, mz601 or mz600, i dont know the difference. It is rooted with android 4.0.4 . I want to upgrade manually to the latest android. Thanks
  17. R

    Root Upgrading OS for Rooted 4g Xoom Tablet

    I rooted my android device for the first time a while back. I'm still kind of getting used to the new fun things I can do with it now. I'm now getting a consistent pop-up though asking me to upgrade to Android version 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), I'm currently on Android version 4.0.4. Before I do this I...
  18. lotus49

    Help How to adjust mouse speed

    I can connect my Bluetooth mouse to my Xoom fine but it's much too fast so moving the mouse about 1cm moves the cursor from the bottom right corner to the top left corner . How do I adjust the speed of the mouse?
  19. Z

    Xoom SDCard tip, no root

    If anyone else out there is still using a Xoom (I am till there's something with a better screen, 4g, and a card slot) I just spent an hour discovering this: Amazon had a sale a couple days ago on SD Cards - 64gb for $40 so I snapped one up. It wouldn't mount in my Xoom. I searched and...
  20. inkdesigner

    Help LED Flash Won't Turn Off

    I'm looking for some help here. I have a 3G Xoom, running the stock OS. Starting this past Sunday, the LED flash in the rear of the tablet has turned on and will not go out. I cannot access the camera to change settings. I get an error message that says the Camera will not start. If I try...
  21. B

    Help Undo "forget this device" bluetooth

    I accidentally selected "forget this device" for a bluetooth speaker device when what I really wanted to do was unpair the device. I am now unable to get the Xoom to see the device. How do I undo the "forget this device" for a bluetooth speaker (or other bluetooth) device? Motorola Xoom with...
  22. M

    Help Unable to 'Boot' Xoom

    I have the original Motorola Xoom with the newest version of Android that can be installed on that device. I can't remember what that version is now. It has been working fine although VERY slow. I know it's age is showing and actually am waiting on the update to the Nexus 7 and will get that...
  23. T

    Root Want to Root, App Data backup

    Ok, so I might be a little slow or stupid, but I want to cover my grounds before trying to root my Xoom WiFi only. I have rooted a droid x and a droid razr maxx before, so I can usally follow the process easily....however, before I start on my xoom, I need advice or direction on how to properly...
  24. P

    Root Possible Bricked Xoom

    Through all fault of my own I think I bricked my Xoom. I was attempting to install MZ604 image on a MZ600 and now I can't get the tablet to do anything. It hangs at the Motorola red "M" logo when attempting to boot. It hangs at "Reading ODM fuse: 1" when attempting to boot into Recovery...
  25. W

    Root ADB device not found

    I'm trying to install Cyanogenmod on my Xoom Verizon Stingray and am now stuck with a bricked device. The current status is the Xoom boots into ClockworkMod Recovery v4.0.0.4 but if I try to boot it returns to ClockworkMod. I think this is because I messed up the /system partition trying to...