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Beavis and Butthead

MTV right now just blows!

In my day they showed actual music videos................................way.

They are being investigated for their new show which depicts minors in sexual situations. Hope they get nailed for child 'pornography'. It is supposed to be quite a disgusting display.

I've seen ads for it here in the subway. Skins, it's called. It's actually originally a UK show but was ported here to the US (kind of like The Office).
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I heard that MTV plans on bringing back Beavis and Butthead in 2011.
If MTV brings Beavis and Butthead back I might end up being featured on the local six o'clock news: "Local woman dances jig through streets of downtown... more on New at 11." LOL ... seriously, I think I was 12 when Beavis and Butthead premiered. Back in the days of MTV's Liquid Television (?). It was truly a groundbreaking show. Bless my grandmother's heart, she actually taped every episode of Beavis and Butthead she could for me. Now THAT'S love! ;)
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I watched it, love that its back!

How many episodes have they aired thus far? I only saw one available. I loved that they took shots at the whole Twilight thing and the Jersey Shores thing. I'm thinking Beavis and Butthead would've probably survived longer if they tried to incorporate more current events spoofing back in the 90s. I'd say that's what has given staying power to Southpark. I'm not a big fan of that show, but the fact that they poke fun of popular culture keeps it relevant. One of the reasons I can watch Looney Toons even today is because they were contemporary for their time and you can almost get a glimpse of what time was like back then.
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