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Root guess what i have?

My guess was you got an iPhone 4S, guess I was wrong. :p

If you need help with the S-OFF, you know how to get a hold of us. ;)

I will make a suggestion right off the bat. Get an Ubuntu 12.04 live CD or USB ready before you begin, trust me. :)

I'm in Maryland this weekend putting a roof on my buddies house, so if you get stuck, hit me up on gtalk and I'll respond as soon as I can. Good luck Brother!!:D
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I understand that for sure. I think there is a CWM one out there but i haven't tried it.

i understand that TWRP 2.2.1 is the latest. I have used it quite often with good result. I installed it with goo manager, I have read where some folk have had issues with their server, I think, lately. you can flash it with a zip from the site as well.

I think Regaw's method puts it on as part of the process now, still. It did when I used it. Used Goo to upgrade.

I have had a few weird things happen using TWRP that I can not explain or definitely attribute to the recovery, but I do use it and like it as well.
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what is your guys opinion on recoveries? is twrp the only one out there? is there a better one? i'm still a little gun shy with twrp.

understandable bro after the hell you suffered. This is a very stable recovery, praying never hurts :D

Your in safe hands bro these guys are the bomb as you very well know
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ok regaw done!!!!! i did my first nandroid backup with twrp ( i was nervous to be hinest with you) and all is well. i'm about to flash the omj stock rom now so that i can use lazy panda later on. also downloading unbuntu now, but my internet speeds is slow right now. half way done downloading so i'll report back when all is said and done.

anything else you guys can suggest to get me up to speed with el tevo would be greatly appreciated.
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Stay stock for LazyPanda, it's sensitive to build.prop changes. Fresh is stock so ok.

I have copy / past Linux instructions in our LazyPanda thread, post 183 I think, or post 1266 at XDA.

Check your twrp to make sure that it's up to date.

Once you get s-off, update your bootloader to LazyPanda 1.12.2222. You can do that with the third download listed at the end of the LazyPanda download page, or by following the sticky guide to get the same thing from Regaw without the red text on the startup screen. Either is a fastboot install from the external sd card.

I prefer Viper4G with a minfree memory mod (as shown in our Viper4G thread). That's a 1.22.651.3 rom as opposed to 1.13.651.1, and the sticky guide will point to the firmware update needed.

MeanRom is naturally pretty popular as well.

Rxpert83 and others are up to speed on CM10, too soon for me though.
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