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Root New root method for our beloved evo?


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Feb 26, 2011
so dak
::Standard "this isnt my work, so I dont take any credit for it" message here::

HTC Super Tool Unlocks and Roots Many Popular HTC Devices


Just thought this looked pretty darn cool, and that id share it :) It even has an unroot option in it!!
should this be added to the rooting for dummies sticky? I guess I could unroot and reroot to see if it works.... any volunteers?

I'll run it by Ocn and see where we should put it.
Thanks YD!

Since this is a whole new and different root method, I will added it separate of the other 2 root guides:D
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Has anyone tried this? What does it do to hboot? Can it unroot Revolutionary root? Before making or adding this to the sticky's shouldn't we at least confirm that it works and how it works. Give noobs what to expect. Have the method tested and trued before delivery to our members?

If it's over on XDA then I'm going to believe that this is a well tested root method;)
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this advent of a phone manufacturer releasing its own root method really makes me wanna unroot and reroot just for the sure hell of it LoL i hafta flash back the sprint prl for a couple days anyways just to get some in network data to avoid the second gestapo letter from sprint... i dont know why theyd be so up in arms about 6 straight months of pure roaming data LoL ;) Im probably costing them a fortune LOL
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