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Radioshack Price Confirmed (Pre-Order page up 6/5/11)

The release can't be that far out now.

I was thinking July for a while but over the last 2 days the leaks have been coming strong so I am definetly thinking June now.

Interesting how the Shack is giving you $100 towards the Evo 3d if you trade your old Evo in. i just did a quick search on ebay and as long as your Evo is in good shape they are still going for over $150 on ebay.
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Woah, that's a low price. Wasn't expecting the price.

Same. $199 was the price I hoped for, but was worried that given the Thunderbolt and the obnoxiously priced Charge that they'd "get greedy" and aim for $250-$300 (like a Best Buy rep told me the price would be.)

I'm almost amazed that the unactivated price is only $499. I thought that would be $599+, no question.
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Excellent - within the $150~200 sweet spot I've insisted on all along.

Trade in my Evo? Uh - no thanks, that'll be the extra mini wifi-tab I can now leave lying about. :) :)

I'll definitely hold out for a while with the deactivated Evo4G and see how much I can get out of the device with just wifi, and whether I have a legitimate/practical/dedicated use for it.
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Good question. It is, after all, from GoodAndEvo.

I especially liked this part of the article:
The radioshack.com/evo3d URL noted at the top the ad isn't live yet, but that's where to go when it is.


It looks to be a different version of this ad:


I thought I had seen that URL before, I just had to track down the image. Personally, this new one looks more like an ad for when it is released rather than the preorder.
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