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sony xperia t

  1. Lokuspokus

    bootloader unlock allowed no

    Hey guys, Been searching around the forum for an answer to this for a couple of hours and I am struggling to find a response for the xperia T. I have recently got a new handset and wanted to convert my old xperia T to a games / music device rather than it gathering dust in a draw. The...
  2. F

    Stuck on boot loop

    My phone(Xperia T) wont boot goes Sony logo Xperia Logo then colors thing and then goes back to Sony logo I cant go in recovery mod i tried doing pc companion but wont recongnize my phone do you guys see any help here
  3. Skynet11

    Official Sony Xperia T User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Sony Xperia T User Manual - The official Sony Xperia T User Guide Read more about this resource...
  4. codezer0

    Root How do I root Xperia T2 Ultra D5316?

    As the title says, I'm struggling to find information about this, as it's pretty much necessary for me to have root. Trying to go the unlocked phone route, if you catch my meaning.
  5. H

    Help Louder microphone

    Hi, I'm using the Xperia T for work now. As a technician on the road, I use it for music to play in the car so when I get called, the music pauses and I can talk. But the problem is that the other side can't hear me well unless I get really close to the phone, while it's attached to the...
  6. N

    Root Xperia T3 - Rooting??

    I have a Sony Xperia T3 running Android 4.4.2. I have no idea how to root a phone, I've never done it before. I don't want to pay for it and at the same time I want to unlock it from Bell so I can use it with Fido. Does anyone think that they could help??
  7. H

    Help Bad call quality

    Hi, I don't usually call alot, and the problem didn't always appear, but it seems to worsen over time (which leads me to think it's a hardware problem, but I hope not, since I want to sell it to get some better phone). Many times when someone calls me, job centers included, or when I call...
  8. E

    Help Blue screens and shutdown after flashing a ROM

    Hello everybody I have a Sony Xperia T, and when I got tired of the stock ROM (JB 4.1.2), updated with PC Companion to 4.3, and everything started to go wrong. While daily use, the screen sometimes turned blue and afterwards the phone rebooted. This happened approximately once a week. Less...
  9. R

    Help "Stock" 4.3?

    I have a Sony Xperia T which is of course drearily slow. OK it was never going to be the fastest phone on the market but even Clean Master etc it still lags terribly and my last resort before binning it is to try new firmware. First of all I'm only interested in Android, I've had them for...
  10. F

    [Q] Xperia T Common problem.

    Since I got Xperia T updated to Android 4.3 I have been through problems. The problem now is that the phone can't be charged when it is turned off and I got my battery completely drained resulting in a dead phone that can't either get charged or turn on, only blinking red LED when power...
  11. G

    Help Xperia T Keeps turning itself off!

    Hi, Ive recently noticed that ever since the Xperia T update to Android 4.3 my phone now randomly turns itself off at night, the phone is usually on charge ready for the next day (only ever seems to happen at night). This has caused me serious problems recently due to my phone been my only...
  12. B

    Help bluetooth

    can anyone tell me why my bluetooth functionality has suddenly stopped working. Incidentally, immediately after upgrading to the .... 199 Sony software. My phone cannot see other bluetooth devices, some can see me and we can pair and send/ receive etc but I still cannot get my headphones or...
  13. J

    Help Phone says Internal Storage full, which is incorrect

    I keep getting an error message saying internal storage is full and my apps have started to malfunction (can't download new version of WA etc and old version expired). HOWEVER, when the phones connected to laptop and I navigate to properties, I have only used 3.16 GB of internal storage and...
  14. Q

    Help Missed Message Apps - can't get one to work?

    I've tried many but can't get any to work? Just need one to remind me of missed calls, unread texts/whatsapp messages and calender reminders. Any app suggestion and/or phone and apps settings greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I

    Help Rebooting related to SIM card?

    My Xperia T reboots constantly when SIM card is in. Without it, this not happen. I got another SIM card, but the failure always appears. Some feedback about this? Thanks.
  16. D

    Help hidden contacts and telephone numbers

    Hi there, I have an xperia t and I cannot see all my contacts and telephone numbers in my phone book. I know they are still there because for instance "Tom Brown" does not show up in my phone book but I can see him in texts as we have had text conversations. If I want his phone number I have...
  17. H

    Help Phone not recognized by Windows on two PCs

    Hi, Let's start with the beginning: I've messed a bit with the rooted phone: deleted some seemingly useless stuff, with as a result the inability to install apps from the Play Store and even to check the storage status, so I did a hard reset but it didn't really fix it. Seems like I need a new...
  18. H

    Help Restoring to factory settings...ALL THE WAY

    *please delete*
  19. H

    Root Can I do these things with rooting?

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to this subject and I'm not really satisfied with my current Sony Xperia T. Well it's a great phone actually but I'm getting pretty frustrated not getting any Android update later than 4.1.2... So these are the things I want to get: 1. Get a newer version of Android, or...
  20. B

    Text Message from iPhone to Sony Expira T (read)

    Hello, I'm new here, and have a question, if someone sent me a message from an iPhone, to which I have an Sony Experia T, could the person with the iPhone know that I've read the message? - or would I need to ask this question on an iPhone forum?
  21. Z

    How do I recover lost data?

    I would like to recover some deleted photos and videos from my internal memory on my Xperia T! If possible, without rooting the device. Thankyou!
  22. F

    Help Xperia T - bat failure and now no operating system!

    My Xperia T developed a microphone fault whereby nobody could hear me when I called them (incredibly faint). I had the phone repaired at a local repair shop. Almost immediately upon receiving the phone back it developed a (What appears to be very common) battery fault, whereby it would reach 80%...
  23. E

    Help Flash player

    Hi all, I have this Sony xperia T and i want to play browser games through the Internet but i need flash player so here it goes i tried to install flash player 11 and when i start it it goes to Adobe Flash Player settings (in internet browser) and nothing happens so i went to internet...
  24. C

    Help Screen/Accelerometer Issues

    Hi all, I seem to be having trouble with my Xperia T. I've had it for about 4 months now without a hitch and couldn't be happier, but last week my accelerometer seemed to just stop working. Photos wouldn't rotate even though I had auto rotate checked and on Temple Run the guy wouldn't move...
  25. snadge

    Screen Protector just wont go on

    hi my friend has just got an Xperia T and he ordered a leather case and 6 screen protectors off fleabay, having some experience of putting them on my Tablet and 3 times on my Xperia Miro I opted to do it for him, so I tried and tried using up 4 of them in the process but no matter how much i...