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I had the Archos 5 for a few days before returning it. Why return it?

1. I have a Nexus one which is way more powerful and not much smaller.
2. It was the buggiest device I've ever used. It locked up at least 3 times within a week.
3. The screen always felt like it needed to be calibrated whereas my smaller Nexus is always perfect.

If I could find something like it with maybe another inch or 2 on the screen and 2.1 or 2.2 capability, I'd buy it.

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Eric: Just my two cents: don't buy it, wait for something better to come along. I tested that device and it ran at 200mhz. It looks identical and comes in the same box; the problem is the factories are bumping specs to get people interested in buying - even the resellers didn't know about it until I pointed it out. Spend another $100 and buy a 7" Archos home tablet, if you're going to make the plunge - you'll at least get a reliable company brand backing it, and most likely an update to 2.x.
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is this like an ipad??

No. The $100 Eken M001 is pure garbage. I have one. Slow as a 15 year old PDA. I venture it was running 150mhz. I have 3-4 year old Windows Pocket PC devices that run faster.
1) NO Android Market Place
2) Resistive screens.
3) Slow, Slow
4) NO GPU. So basically choppy videos, choppy sound

The SmartQ V5 is a bit better because it does have a DSP and can play HD video. In fact, better than the Droid Incredible. I actually prefer it running Linux. The Smart Qv5 triple boots - Ubuntu for Arm, ANdroid, and Windows CE.
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I seriously hope they take Android tablets in 2 directions.

1: We'll call this one "HTC-Sleek". Soft, clean lines running Sense if you like. Appeals to the iPad crowd etc.

2: This one I like to call "Droid-Solid". Take the solid, box feel of the Moto-Droid and turn it into a tablet. I would buy one of them before I would get a "HTC-Sleek" just because I love the solid feel of the Moto-Droid.
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